Tinder changed the online dating scene forever four years ago and now the creator of Tinder has announced a new vertical called Tinder Social. This app hinges on the fact that it actually wants People to get social and plan their activities on the app. To be frank there have been apps like WePopp that promised the same but didn’t find their streak of success. But again being backed by the most popular adult dating site, things might turn out differently for Tinder Social.



The beta for Tinder Social has already been launched in Australia some time ago. Tinder CEO and cofounder Sean Rad explained that the app is focussed on what people would like to do tonight and is still centric to the immediacy of the idea. Tinder Group is more or less like a group Tinder match but only slightly more complicated.

This is how the app will work, both the groups will match only if one of the members from each group matches. Post the match both the groups would get access to group chat. As I pointed out earlier the Tinder Social is similar to the actual Tinder except for the fact that the groups will match each other with an approval from a single person from both the parties.

If you are a Tinder user then you would be able to see the Tinder Social opt-in option on the app, of course, this is only if the new feature us available in your region. By the way, Tinder and Tinder Social will be weaved into a single app and users can only use one at a time. In order for a friend to appear on your lists following are the two prerequisites that have to be met, first the person should have opted in for Tinder Social and the same person should also be your on your Facebook Friends list.

Tinder Social users can title their night outs and let people know what they are up to. Furthermore, they can also create groups in Facebook Connections and match up with folks who are going out.

Standalone Social apps owe their failures to the very reason that they didn’t have a large user database at their disposal and new users might have found this to be a rather complicated journey. Tinder Social will mostly be a litmus test for social planning apps and if successful it can set up a benchmark for others in the same business.

Source: Tinder

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