We’ve been seeing various implementations of artificial intelligence this year with developers attempting to blend in the advancing technology into our daily lives. Whether it’s Prisma creating beautiful artistic filters or Google Photos fabricating a powerful environment. Now, Microsoft has released a new iPhone application that promises to click better photographs by intelligently adjusting camera settings.


Microsoft Pix, as the name suggests, is a straightforward camera app which utilizes artificially intelligent algorithms to adjust typical elements like exposure, white balance, focus and consequently, chooses the best shot from a burst of captures. Additionally, the app even recognizes people in the frame and accordingly, improves background focus, highlights to make sure everyone looks good. Once the image has been taken, it lets you preview the original and enhanced versions allowing you to compare the alternations. Furthermore, Pix can stitch together multiple frames to generate “Live Photos” and save them as regular videos for seamless sharing. Furthermore, the app in addition to pre-processing, also post-processes shots to fabricate the perfect result. Don’t worry, it automatically deletes the ones you don’t select. Microsoft has kept the interface as minimal as possible to lure in users who’re accustomed to Apple’s native camera app.


Microsoft Pix is available for free on Apple’s App store right now, go ahead and give it a whirl. Fortunately, Microsoft has stated that they’re working on an Android version too. Unlike previous releases, though, this isn’t a Microsoft Garage project. The Redmond giant has been continuously launching fascinating mobile titles including “Fetch!” that uses artificial intelligence to detect what breed is your dog, “Thinga.Me” aims to digitalize your daily objects, “Mimicker” is a smarter alarm clock and more. It is worth pointing here that the intensity of these roll outs have drastically improved after they acquired Swiftkey, a company known for experimenting with AI functions on their platforms.

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