Generally, when we talk about latest Android updates, the only brands that come to our mind are either the Nexus series or popular OEMs like Samsung. While Google is currently testing the fifth preview build for the upcoming Nougat release, OEMs too began the process of overhauling their custom interfaces to roll out once the official announcement has been made. However, it seems like Huawei is on the verge of finalizing their Nougat layered EMUI version as an anonymous employee accidentally published the OTA leaking the build files and features entirely.


In a nutshell, this is what happened – the EMUI update based on Android 7.0 (guessing that) inadvertently was released to the public channel and the quick-witted developers over at XDA managed to grab the source. As a result, anyone who owns a Huawei P9 smartphone can head over to their website and install the update through an elementary process requiring no past flashing knowledge as this is in fact, an official update file which can directly installed. The update includes a series of new additions and design overhauls along with Android 7.0 behind-the-scenes optimizations.

The Android N update for the P9 includes support for multiple users, a brand new ROG power-saving mode that essentially tweaks screen’s resolution dynamically to save battery and power, there’s also a fresh phone manager tool, weather map changes, battery management with a two-day history, interactive gestures, and a bunch of network improvements for better reception. The Nougat-based EMUI OTA also packs a range of camera optimizations to enhance the already positively criticized rear dual-camera setup. The update is still in beta, however, users have reported that it is stable for daily use. It is certain that Huawei might be the first ones after Google to release the Android 7.0 update at least for P9 users. Although, users planning to install this leaked build should know that they’ll have to roll back to the original state in order to get the certified update whenever it comes out. Take a look at the attached video to get a quick glance.

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