We’ve all been there questioning a company’s product release and mentioning how it could have been better if they had done something differently. However, despite those clamours, the development process almost never involves fetching feedback from the public and what kind of features they would prefer on their smartphone or any other mobile device in general. But it looks like ZTE is all set to give wings to a new trend by inviting users to assist them while they build their next mobile device.


The Chinese OEM is crowdsourcing one of its next “mobile devices” (doesn’t necessarily has to be a smartphone) through which consumers can suggest ideas on every step of the process. While this will most likely lead to an Android handset, ZTE is open for any unique ideas people bring to them. Codenamed “Project CSX” (~Crowd Sourced X), anyone can drop their thoughts on now opened community forums for a device to be launched in 2017. In addition to credits, chosen suggestions will be also rewarded with cash prizes, although, the margin for winning is quite thin. ZTE mentions that the idea should be feasible in terms of technology and needs to be affordable enough for everyone. No, you can’t recommend them to build a crazy Frankenstein device.

Lucky participants can also get to test out the product before official release and a trip to Las Vegas for attending the Consumer Electronics Show. To submit your proposal, head over to ZTE’s community forums, register, and write them down here. ZTE has been launching astonishingly well smartphones lately including the $99 ZMax Pro, Axon 7 and more. Creating a handset from scratch based on public opinions will be definitely tough, that too in a year but given their recent step forwards, this might just become the next “me-too” thing in the mobile industry.

Commenting further on the initiative, ZTE stated “Sometimes the best ideas come from people outside of a company who have a fresh take we wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. ZTE is an end-to- end telecommunications company and has the resources to develop all types of devices, not just smartphones. Maybe there are other ways we could be connecting that we have never imagined. We are excited to find out.

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