Facebook has taken a paradigm shift when it comes to its timeline feature and from the recent past, it is mostly video clips that are being populated on user’s timeline feed. Facebook has also thrown open the live broadcast feature for all the users thus eventually driving up the video consumption.


The social media giant is apparently testing out a new feature that would allow users to stream the videos directly on other devices, including the live videos. The feature is expected to work with TV’s connected to Apple TV and Google Chromecast. A Facebook spokesperson further confirmed the feature and said: “We’re currently testing updates to the Facebook app that provide better support for streaming videos from the app to your TV via AirPlay and Chromecast.”

The AirPlay and Chromecast support seems to be minimal as of now and will allow the users to minimize the in-app video and scroll through the news feed while the video is still playing on the streamed device. Furthermore, users can also set up a playlist of video to be streamed on the Apple TV and the playlist will be played out sequentially. As of now all, I am able to see is a cast icon while playing Facebook Videos on Android app but nothing happens after pressing on the icon. It is most likely that Facebook will extend full-fledged support for the cast in the upcoming versions.

Facebook has been pushing video consumption and the ability to stream will be a feature most useful for folks watching the Live videos. The streaming feature will not only allow Facebook users to cast the videos on the second screen but also let them minimize the video and carry on with other things on the phone. That said, the Facebook Live video is still far from perfect and the Live stream is not as seamless as YouTube.


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