Domestic Robots have been gaining a prominence lately and with the passage of time, it is but evident that humans will end up banking on Robots for a majority of the chores. The CowaRobot R1 is one such piece of machinery that is aimed at easing your travel. The R1 is an autonomous suitcase that follows the owner at an arm’s length all the while avoiding obstacles. Lugging baggage can be a herculean task and adding to the woes is the fact that you actually need to safeguard the luggage.



The CowaRobot R1 comes with a bracelet which needs to be worn by the user (Sigh! Another wearable) the suitcase will follow the user at a maximum speed of up to 4.5 miles per hour which is sufficient for most real life scenarios. Also, the suitcase comes with a “CO-EYE” depth sensor that detects cliffs, stairs, and escalators, thus preventing the suitcase from falling off. The sensors will also let the suitcase chart its path and decide on which path it should be taking. The suitcase moves with the help of a retractable wheel which works akin to an aircraft landing gear and retracts itself ones the owner touches the handle.

Moving on, the bracelet is an important device as well since one can control certain aspects of the suitcase with it. Double tapping on the bracelet will activate the find me function by which the suitcase will find its owner and return to their side. CowaRobot R1 is equipped with an automatic TSA lock which will also warn the user if he is beyond the 164 feet “safe distance”. It will also vibrate if you have left the suitcase behind. If your suitcase is stolen or misplaced, fret not as a simple tap on the companion app will activate the GPS locator and let you track the suitcase.

Backing up the suitcase is a 96.5Wh lithium-ion power bank which can also be used to charge other gadgets like smartphones and tablets. The lithium-ion power bank is below the 100Wh mark that the FAA prescribes, however, one could still face some issues due to the variations in the rules in different countries. The CowaRobot R1 Suitcase touts 33-litres of capacity and is chiselled out of aluminium. Thankfully, the makers of CowaRobot R1 have designated different compartments for carrying the gadgets and also easy accessibility to the same.

The CowaRobot is up for grabs on Indiegogo and you can book a suitcase for yourself by pledging $449. The deliveries will, however, start only by early November.

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