WhatsApp usage has catapulted especially after the introduction of the voice call, heck I sometimes also end up using WhatsApp as an intercom. FreedomPop is one of the mobile virtual network operator known for its completely free basic services in the US. However, FreedomPop has for the first time introduced zero-rated WhatsApp access.


Zero rated services have been receiving flak from many sides as it sorts of disturbs the balance and the level playing ground for the service providers. But again, when it comes to users, it still makes a lot of sense and in essence is more like the a-la-carte menu in the restaurant, i.e you pay for what you eat. The operator will be able to offer the zero-rated services after reaching an agreement with the internet service provider. At the end of the day, it also works out to be a great way for the service provider to get people hooked to their offerings. On the contrary, Zero-Rating is not same as toll-free numbers as argued by the Telcos.

FreedomPop has enjoyed a good presence in the US market and has been giving away a certain number of free text messages and talk time, post which the user can pay and choose the desired package. The company has been US-centric ever since its inception, but starting last year they decided to go International.

The free WhatsApp unlimited usage is kind of a big deal, especially if you are on roaming. Just think about this when you are visiting another country, it is obvious that you would end up using WhatsApp or other similar services to stay in touch with your family and friends. As of now, even if you want to use only WhatsApp, one has to still pay for the voice talk time, which is often unnecessary. The FreedomPop is also something that will also help you save yourself from the inane roaming fees that carriers usually levy. Thankfully, the Zero rated WhatsApp service is not just restricted to the US but also available across 30 other countries including U.K, Germany, France, Portugal, and Italy.

It’s worth noting that Zero-rated services are usually offered in the developing countries, but with the increase in usage of services like WhatsApp and YouTube, the trend is set to change. Despite the deep criticism, Zero rated services is a great way for the consumer to pay for what they need without getting distracted by the other less useful services.

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