Stud finders are simple easy tool that will help one locate a framing stud from the wall but what if this simple $15 tool was converted into a connected device, well the WalabotDIY is just that. That said priced at $200 the WalabotDIY does come with some extra features that the traditional stud finder misses out on.


The WalabotDIY comes from Vayyar, a company that specializes in 3D-imaging sensors and the device lets you see through the wall for up to 4-inhces. This will let users detect electric pipes, metal wires and studs plastered inside the wall with relative ease. Now since we already mentioned it’s a connected device, the WalabotDIY connects via USB and can be connected to Android phones (Sorry iPhone!) Moreover, as creepy as it might sound the maker of WalabotDIY also suggests that you can use the built-in motion sensor to detect pests inside the wall.

For convenience sake, the WalabotDIY can also attach to the back of the smartphone so that both the devices can be used in tandem. Also, the usual stud sensor would require you to read through an array of blinking LED’s but the WalabotDIY is more graphic, it also shows the objects orientation and what material it might be made up of. The $200 price tag might finally sound reasonable if you are renovating your house and don’t want to mess up with the pipelines and electricals. However, the race to make every household tool a smart connected tool still seems like an overkill for me, I mean just think about it next might be a Smart Hammer that lets you know hard to hit the nail!

Source: The Verge

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