NASA made a major announcement and said that it would be making all its publicly funded research available for free. It is for this very reason that the agency has set up a web-portal called Pubspace. This new project will host various NASA research articles including Earth’s early atmosphere and toxity of lunar dust.


The move comes three years after the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy directed Nasa and other agencies to increase the access to the research. Prior to this, the research was guarded by a paywall but starting from now onwards all the research articles which are being funded by the agencies should be put up on Pubspace within a year.

As expected there are some exceptions like the research related to national security. However, 850 articles are already up on the website and much more are about to be added. The publicly funded project is those which have been funded by the taxpayer’s money and it is only fair that the contributors are at the receiving end of the deal. In fact, in May this year, EU member states agreed to an initiative to make all scientific papers available publicly by 2020. The access to research materials has always been a perennial problem especially for researchers from developing countries for whom the access fee is simply exorbitant. It is initiatives like this that will help in achieving transparency and arming researchers with the required know-how. If you are one of those people who always wanted to read the space related insights, the Pubspace will keep you hooked for sure.


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