The time has come when the 3D Printers are finally getting their fair share of attention and are turning mainstream. In fact, we at TechPP have featured many such innovative 3D printers which sell at an affordable price point and can be a good bet for the personal use. However, it is not so convenient to turn a real life object into a 3-D model manually, but we do have Autodesk’s 123D Catch which is one of the contenders for Scandy but loses out on the resolution front. Also, check out the Eora 3D scanner that works in same fashion as the Scandy.


Scandy is launching a beta program to make it easy for users to scan objects in 3D from any Android devices. Scandy has sourced the 3D sensors from pmd in order to achieve 0.3mm precision and greater resolution. The 3D scanner can be simply snapped to your smartphone and you are ready to go, much like the WalabotDIY we featured last week.

The makers of Scandy have also made the Scandy Core SDK available for the developers and hopefully many will integrate the technology to extend the utility of the scanner. The software is capable of capturing 3 frames per second in 3D and will also be rendering the scan on the companion app. Microsoft is also rumoured to having a similar product in its pipeline but as of now Scandy is expected to take a lead once it is commercially released by the end of this year.

It is very important for the 3D scanning market to take the cues from the 3D printer market and goes hand in hand. Also, this will help developers take things a notch up when it comes to VR and AR technologies. In case you are interested in trying out Scandy you can do so by heading over to android3Dscanning and registering yourself for the $500 beta program.

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