Microsoft’s Garage’s latest app Cache seems to be an effort to take on one of the most popular organizational tool, Google Keep. The Cache aims at being the ultimate tool to curate all your important stuff in a single place but it seems that the makers of the app are still undecided on its forte.


The app was spotted by Twitter user WalkingCat, as of now the Cache website will only allow people who request access to try out the app, nothing but a restricted beta. Garage apps have been the testing grounds for many innovative and outlandish apps which might eventually be backed by Microsoft.

Now listen to Microsoft describe the Cache in its own words, “research project to explore how people manage and curate the content they work with,” and also adds that “it is a great place to quickly bookmark the stuff important to you” including “text, snippets, images, web pages, files, reference material, and your notes.” The Cache app is all about the ease with which you can store the information on the Internet for subsequent use.

Now that’s not much of a description but it is enough to know on what path the Cache is heading to. Moreover, Microsoft has also asked for feedback on how the service should evolve. I usually settle with a bucket load of information from email, Twitter, and other mediums. Furthermore, I also tend to bookmark interesting stuff that I might want to cover later. All of this information is something that I would need immediately or maybe for the next day. It is for this type of scribbling and jotting down the Google Keep is extremely useful. Cache is expected to allow you to save the digital information in a digital repository that can be accessed later. In stark comparison, the Sticky notes fall in short of functionalities and the more advanced note takers like the OneNote and Evernote lack the simplicity.

The potential for the Cache app can be staggering, just imagine how the Cortana might serve you with a shopping list when you near the local shopping centre. Now this is the type of integration that will make the Cache an important app which could blend in better with the Cortana as the primary note taking app as opposed to the much complex OneNote.

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