Chromebook sales figures have been rising in the recent past and despite the slow start Chromebooks have been picking up the pace lately. The machines are not just affordable but they also come with a favourable performance characteristic. Chromebook has been the favourite for students and the educational sector, in general, owing to its low cost and the fact that it is best suited for generic use cases.


Just like Windows, Chromebook has been manufactured by many OEM’s including Asus and HP, however, CTL is yet another relatively lesser known company that manufacturers Chromebook. The company has updated their Chrome offerings with two new models namely, CTL NL61T and the CTL NLS61TX. Both the Chromebooks herald with some new features that we haven’t seen on any of the previous Chromebooks and this only makes the offering a unique proposition.

Both the Chromebooks come equipped with an 11.6-inch touch display set at a resolution of 1366 x 768. Powering the device is an Intel Celeron (N3160) processor alongside 4GB of RAM. On the storage front, the new laptops come with 32GB as opposed to the paltry 16GB found in the usual Chromebooks. That said, CTL NLS61TX is priced at $299,99 while the CTL NL61T is priced at much more affordable $269.99.

While both the Chromebooks share the innards, the CTL NLS61TX comes with some rugged features that differentiate it from the other. The first bit is the pressure-resistant cover which according to the company is tested to withstand 365 pounds of pressure which mean that the laptop can easily withstand the weight of a fully grown adult without buckling. Another useful bit is the glossy finished lid of the laptop that can also be used as a whiteboard along with a marker. Chromebook sales are expected to torpedo with the upcoming support for Android apps. Moreover, I have personally sided with the Chromebook in the past as it is a much more efficient and agile device when it comes to handling online stuff as opposed to the Windows laptops. With the increased diversity in the product line, it is most likely that buyers will find their best bet in the Chromebook lineup and the latter is all set to give other affordable laptops in the market a run for its money.


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