It seems that a majority of OEM laptop manufacturers are investing efforts to make their machines thinner and better. Asus, however, has taken it to the next level and the company’s latest offering is a portable 15-inch monitor that is aimed at shaping up as the second screen for your laptops. Asus knows that quite a handful of professionals make use of secondary screen but usually the desktop screens are fixed and are immovable. With the ZenScreen you can simply tuck inside the display and carry it around.


The specifics include the 15.6-inch display with the thin 6.5-mm bezels along its borders. At a thinness of 8-mm Asus claims that the ZenScreen is the “world’s lightest and slimmest full HD portable monitor”. Thankfully Asus ZenScreen also comes with a kickstand which is neatly integrated into a 1mm foldable smart case. The monitor is light at less than 2 pounds and it also comes with a USB Type-C port which is meant to support power and video options.

That said, it would have helped a great deal if Asus had bundled a separate battery for the monitor since connecting it to a power source every now and then can become a cumbersome task. The Taiwanese company is yet to reveal the release date, however, the ZenScreen will retail at approximately $300. Just to be clear, the ZenScreen is compatible with any laptop that comes with a Type-A USB port.

If you are looking out for a second laptop screen that you can carry around, then the ZenScreen is probably one of the best options out there.

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