Xiaomi arguably has one of the most diversified ranges of product offerings that include everything from a LED lamp, Smart scale, and a Smart electric toothbrush, Now the Chinese company has decided to launch its own robot vacuum cleaner, one that would rival against the Roomba line-up.


The Mi Robot is launched as the part of its new Mi Ecosystem and the vacuum cleaner is priced at 1699 yuan (apprx. $250/Rs 17,000). The vacuum cleaner is studded with an array of sensors called the ‘Laser Distance Sensor’ which lets the bot map its surrounding’s in 360-degrees up to 1800 times/sec. Xiaomi says that the LDS system has not been outsourced and has been developed completely in-house. Furthermore, the LDS is expected to work in the same fashion as the guiding systems in the driverless cars. Moreover, use of SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) algorithm will help the robot in calculating the optimised cleaning paths.


As expected, the Mi Robot Vacuum will be blended with the Mi Home app and thus will allow users to control the same with their smartphones. Backed by a 5200mAh battery, the Mi Robot Vacuum is expected to keep the cleaning on for a reasonable 2.5 hours. The main hover brushes are designed such that they adjust the height in order to create a tight seal with the flooring despite the uneven surfaces. Smart return is yet another useful feature that would bring back the Mi Robot vacuum to its charging dock when low power is detected and once charged it will go back to its original position and retain the cleaning. The cliff sensor will ensure that the bot doesn’t get lost and involve itself in a fall from the stairs.


Also, the Mi Robot lets you set regular cleaning schedules and costs less than its rival the Roomba, which is currently priced at around $250. As with most of the other Mi products the Robot Vaccum will also be available only in China and will start selling from 6 of September on Mi.com and Mi Home stores in China.

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