Turing, a company that rose to fame with their outlandish device curved out of Liquid Morphium is back in business again. Well, this time around their upcoming smartphone dubbed Turing Phone Cadenza is even more outlandish. Rather you would be amazed to hear the specs, as they just too good to be true.


In a newsletter sent to various publications worldwide, Turing Robotics Industries (TRI) CEO, Steve Chao revealed the details of the company’s upcoming project – a smartphone with deep integration of artificial intelligence. Just in case Turing succeeds to pull this off, we may in for something revolutionary. That said, the specs of the Turing Cadenza are something that would draw your attention immediately.

Turing Cadenza is said to sport a 5.8 inch QHD display upfront and will be powered by not one but two Snapdragon 830 SoCs (does that even in works yet?) Well, it still isn’t clear what made Turing opt for dual SD830s, as even one could have done the job quite nicely without any hiccups. But wait, if that was not enough, then Turing has more hair raising stuff for you. The Cadenza will rock 12GB of LPDDR4X RAM under the hood and a crazy 1TB of internal storage. It’s however worth noting that the smartphone will come with two 256GB eMMC storage while the rest 512GB can be filled using the two MicroSD card slots.


Coming to the cameras, the Turing Cadenza reportedly sports a 60MP iMAX quad rear camera and triplet lens/T1.2. Besides that, Turing claims that their smartphone will also sport a dual 20MP selfie camera upfront. If that wasn’t enough, then the next specs which we are about to reveal would shock you even more! Turing states that their Cadenza smartphone will come with a 100wh battery which derives power from three sources – 2400mAh Graphene, Super capacitor Battery and 1600mAH Li-Ion Hydrogen Fuel Cell. Oh yes, the smartphone this time around would be curved out of a compound called Graphene Oxide and a Liquid Metal 2.0 structural frame. The rest of specs include support for Quad nano SIM, Qualcomm Bluetooth aptX audio, Marshall London powered equalizer and WiGig 60GHz (1Gbps) wireless.

By now you might be wondering when will we get to see this smartphone hit the market. Turing claims that they plan to launch the Cadenza by the end of 2017. But going the track record of Turing we might even see them delaying the launch. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the Turing Cadenza will run on SwordFish OS which is iteration of SailFish OS with integrated deep learning.

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