LG’s smartphone business has been struggling in the market for quite some time now. The company is constantly losing ground in the budget as well as premium price brackets. That is mostly because they don’t have a substantial product in the industry, the G5 attempted to stand out, although, the handset has pushed down under the brawny reign of Samsung’s S7 lineup. However, LG is back with a new flagship – V20 and at least on paper, it looks like the perfect blend of software and hardware. Hence, here are top five features that make the LG’s new V20 a strong contender.

1. The Radiant Return of Removable Battery


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I know, I know – the G5 had a removable battery, however, the process was chunky and untidy for regular users. Additionally, the design didn’t felt coherent with the rest of the aluminium body. With the V20, LG is returning to its roots and has included the good ol’ removable back through which you can swap the 3200 mAh battery. It still flaunts a smooth metal back and a button which lets you pop off the backplate. The modularity support has been dropped though with this one.

2. The Secondary Display

LG V20 inherits the secondary “ticker” always-on panel placed on the top that you can use to flash notifications, quick app shortcuts or a custom message. This time around, LG has improved the display by refining contrast levels and brightness. The software, however, hasn’t been altered and functions identically.

3. For the Audiophiles


The new V20 also features 32-bit Hi-Fi quad DAC (Digital-to-analog converter) that will enhance the listening experience and allow users to even attach more advanced headphones through the 3.5mm jack (Yes, there’s a headphone jack). Furthermore, the 72-stage volume control has been added and it supports all the leading lossless music formats. LG has also significantly upgraded the microphone setup which can now record crisp audio from even loud rock concerts with negligible distortion. Audio nerds will also benefit from V20’s ability to directly save audios as lossless.

4. And the Videophiles


Alike V10, the V20 too is heavily focused on video recording with Qualcomm’s Steady Record 2.0 that works in junction with your phone’s gyroscope for stabilizing shakes and eliminate the majority of distortions including rolling shutter. The camera app itself is better than ever featuring manual configurations for both still images and videos. Moreover, the V20 comes with the same arrangement we saw on the G5 – a standard 16MP f/1.8 sensor, optical image stabilization, and a much wider 8MP f/2.8 lens with 135 degree field of view. On the front, you get a single 5-megapixel f/1.9 wide angle shooter.

5. The First Phone to Run Android Nougat Out-of-the-Box

We might be still a month away from Google’s new Nexus launches, however, LG’s V20 already comes with the new Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. LG’s custom skin is layered over the top, although, LG hasn’t skipped crucial Nougat features including multi-window support, direct-reply and more.


LG’s new V20 definitely looks promising and in a way, represents what the G5 should’ve been in the first place. Apart from these standout qualities, it is also a powerhouse on paper running on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820, 4GB of RAM, 64GB internal memory that is expandable, a rear fingerprint reader and Quick Charge 3.0-compatible USB-C port.

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