After an alleged unsuccessful attempt at acquiring popular team messaging app Slack for a deal worth $8 billion, Microsoft has decided to try their own hands at making one. The Redmond giant is reportedly working on a Slack competitor under its Skype brand name and they are calling it as Skype Teams.


For those unaware, Slack is a group messaging app which has gained fair amount of popularity as the go to messaging app in various work places across the world. Its ease of access and its focus towards increasing productivity and group co-ordination has made it a personal favourite among many. So Microsoft surely needs to get their act right if they plan to replace Slack with their own Skype Teams app in recent future. That said, a recent report by a popular Windows news site suggest that the Skype Teams a number of things go for it.

Just like Slack, Skype Teams comes with the ability to chat in different groups within a team and also message any team member personally. Besides, the Skype Team comes with a feature called Threaded Conversation, wherein you can easily reply to a message in a chat group often referred to as Channel by simply pressing the reply button and anyone else in the group can join the conversation whenever they like to. Incidentally, this feature is missing in Slack ever since its inception. Apart from that Skype Team would allow users to share documents, notes, images with each other. But what sets it apart from Slack is its deep integration with Microsoft’s proprietary OneDrive and Office365. Microsoft is also expected to integrate bots from its Bot Framework to work with their new app.

The Redmond giant is also reported to make use have a Giphy integration called ‘The Fun Picker’ in their messaging app. This will allow users to share memes, GIFs, emoji on their chat, thereby aiding in lightening up their teams’ mode in pressure situations. Moreover, the Skye Teams app will allegedly come with a video calling and meeting scheduling facility.

The development of the Skype Teams app is in progress but Microsoft is expected to roll out this app to Windows, iOS and Android users soon. That aside, will be a web and a Windows 10 app too for desktop and laptops.

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