In light of recent reports of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire while charging due to certain issues in its battery, Federal Aviation Authority (or FAA in short) has now advised its passengers to restrain from using or charging their Note 7 on board.


The FAA warning comes soon after two users reportedly held their brand new Galaxy Note 7 responsible for the losses they incurred due to a fire in their car and house respectively. That said, it’s not yet clear whether the Galaxy Note 7 was indeed the sole cause for the fire in the above mentioned cases. In both the occasions, the fire took place in their absence. These reports that are originating from US aren’t really the first ones coming from the country. In fact, a total of around 35 incidents of the Galaxy Note 7 catching fire has been reported worldwide.


Well, it seems that all these have probably triggered FAA from issuing this warning for the safety of its passengers. It’s also worth noting that it’s just a warning and not a ban. So you can still carry your Galaxy Note 7 along during a flight, but it’s better steer clear as you might have to compensate the airlines for the damages incurred in case any mishap takes place. The warning by FAA also asks you NOT to tuck in your Galaxy Note 7 in any checked-in luggage too.

This FAA move may also trigger other aviation boards worldwide to issue a similar kind of warning to their passengers. That said, we shouldn’t be overly harsh on Samsung for these mishaps, as they are indeed trying their best to resolve the issues. In fact, the recall of the sold Galaxy Note 7 worldwide, is expected to cost them a lot of money, a few billions dollars to be precise. That said, for Samsung, the job is half done. Unless all the Galaxy Note 7 devices are thoroughly checked for their battery niggles, such incidents may take place again, till then it continues to be a PR nightmare like no other in its history.

Source: FAA

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