AdBlock Plus is undoubtedly one of the most criticized and yet most used ad-blocking tool available on the internet with about 100 Million active users. However, today the company is taking a substantial step forward with the launch of a new advertising platform that will allow publishers or any websites for that matter, display specific advertisements from a filtered set of what they call “less-annoying” ads for free.


The “Acceptable Ads Platform”, as Eyeo (the parent company) likes to call it, will let website owners to replace the existing ads with the so-called “acceptable ads”. These advertisements won’t be blocked by Adblock when a user visits the particular page. Eyeo previously had such program for whitelisted ads, although, it was quite limited and time-consuming. People who don’t have Adblock installed will be treated with the standard advertisements, hence their experience will be unaltered basically.

Acceptable Ads essentially contains a filtered collection of ads from Google AdWords and AppNexus, and these will be made available under a single tag powered by a UK-based ad tech startup, ComboTag. The process has been made extremely straightforward for administrators as they merely need to sign up and insert some predefined code. Publishers also have the option to precisely drag and drop pre-approved ads on their websites. However, the prospect of displaying a certain set of banners is still less valuable for a publisher when compared to other means. It still, however, is better than showing no ads at all.

Adblock Plus will be fundamentally controlling every aspect of the process including the ads and users fabricating an extremely powerful monetization environment. Publishers will get to keep 80% of the total revenue from these ads, while Adblock will be taking 6% and finally, the remaining 14% will be divided among various ad networks. The ad marketplace is launching today in beta with a stable launch slated for later this year. A series of leading publications are already restricting content for users with Adblock installed, it will be fascinating to see how Adblock justifies their new platform.

In a press release, Eyeo CEO and Adblock Plus co-founder Till Faida, says: “There are two ecosystems of online consumers out there right now: the one composed of people who block intrusive ads and the other where people do not. The Acceptable Ads Platform lets publishers reach the former group without changing anything about how they’re reaching the latter. We’ve been waiting years for the ad tech industry to do something consumer-friendly like this, so finally, we got tired of waiting and decided to just do it ourselves.

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