Opera made headlines after it launched the free VPN feature for beta users and now they have started rolling out the feature for a final release. Opera has today launched a major browser release that will encompass the built-in VPN service. Until now one had to download the test software in order to try the Opera’s VPN capability on the desktop however with the Opera 40 anyone could access the same.


VPN has become one of the quintessential tools that will not only safeguard user information but will also let them gain access to geographically restricted content for streaming services like Hulu and Pandora. The browser will also let you pick the server that will help you attain the maximum connection speed. However, if a regional server is something that you are more keen on, Opera will let you pick from five countries including Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, and the US. The automatic server location mode will calculate the several variables including network speed, latency, location, server capacity and choose the server with maximum speed.

The VPN service is currently powered by Opera’s subsidiary, Surfeasy and uses 256-bit AES encrypted connection to the VPN virtual location without the need to log in, thus inadvertently ends up not storing user’s details. This is what Krystian Kolondra, SVP of Opera browser had to say about the new feature, “If people knew how the internet truly works, I believe they all would use a VPN,” and he further added that “By making our browser VPN free and easy to use, we hope to make it an essential tool, just as the lock and key are to your house.”

Apart from the VPN the update also brings to table an improvised battery saver feature and will allow RSS feeds in the personal news. So the new free VPN service will be the cornerstone of Opera Browser and till the time others come up with a similar feature Opera browser will be the most reasonable choice for users.

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