There seems to be no end to the troubles for the Korean consumer giant, Samsung. As per a fresh report coming through, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone is reported to have blasted in an Indian aircraft resulting in a minor fire on-board. Thankfully, no major losses were reported.


The report comes soon after Samsung recalled around 2.5 million Galaxy Note7 smartphones worldwide due to issues regarding its batteries. The incident which took place in an Indigo airlines flight flying from Singapore to Chennai hasn’t resulted in any casualties. The aircraft made a normal landing in Chennai with all passengers being deplaned using standard procedures. The severely burnt Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone has however been seized by DGCA (Directorate General of Aviation) for further investigations by relevant authorities

The incident however has triggered the Directorate General of Aviation of Government of India to summon officials from Samsung for an urgent closed door meeting on Monday regarding this issue. The Indian Aviation Authority has in fact issued a warning against use of any Galaxy Note devices from Samsung while on flight. Apparently, DGCA along with many other aviation authorities worldwide had previously issued notice against use of Note7 devices a few weeks back.

An Indigo airlines spokesperson told Times of India, “Indigo confirms that a few passengers travelling on 6E-054 flight from Singapore to Chennai noticed the smoke smell in the cabin this morning and immediately alerted the cabin crew on board. The crew quickly identified minor smoke coming from the hat-rack of seat 23 C and simultaneously informed the pilot-in-command who further alerted the ATC of situation on board.”

Over the past few days, several airlines (both domestic and international) have started issuing strict guidelines of not keeping a Galaxy Note7 smartphone in checkin luggage, and ensuring it’s not switched on or charged during flight.

This incident is yet another testament of the grave battery issues Samsung Note smartphones are intermingled in. To be fair to Samsung, the Galaxy Note 2 comes with a replaceable battery, so we can’t judge anything without knowing the facts. We shall surely update this post once we have more things to share.

Update: Samsung has issued an official statement on the incident

We are aware of an incident involving one of our devices. At Samsung, customer safety is our highest priority. We are in touch with relevant authorities to gather more information, and are looking into the matter.

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