As we approach Google’s annual hardware event scheduled for next month’s 4th, leaks have begun to pour in with new reports revealing upcoming hardware as well as software. There will be several announcements including smartphones, routers, connected home devices, possibly tablets and a new Chromecast, of which today we’re getting a clear look thanks to the infamous personality, evleaks.


A new image leak from Evan Blass confirms Android Police’s earlier reports of an upgraded Chromecast with 4K streaming capabilities. Additionally, it will be called Chromecast Ultra running most probably firmware version 1.21 at retail. While the standard Chromecast costs a bargain of $35, Ultra will be competitively cost double at $69. The elevated price tag will get you 4K content from a device (desktops/smartphones) directly to your HDMI-compatible display and better internals to complement the former. The rest of the design has been kept identical – round, a brief HDMI cable, port for charging, on/off button, and LED light. The only visual change will be the addition of Google’s new “G” logo. It is worth pointing that the latest beta update for Chromecast eliminates all the odd Chrome logos.

Google’s Chromecast product lineup is considered one of the best in business due to their ease of use and cross-platform support. Customers will definitely praise the added 4K resolution given the onset of high-resolution televisions eating dust due to the lack of content, however, some might still consider it slightly overprice. Apart from the Chromecast Ultra, Google is expected to launch two new Pixel smartphones, Google Home, maybe a native Android Wear smartwatch, a new operating system called Andromeda, Huawei-branded tablet and a whole lot more. Hence, stay tuned to TechPP for any further updates on the same.

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