It is but natural for most of us to carry a bunch of gadgets with us wherever we go and with this comes the problem of keeping all the devices powered up. As we have already seen, smartphones invariably tend to get discharged by the end of the day, thanks to the powerful hardware and the sharp increase in usage. Now with the increase in the number of gadgets, it also becomes difficult to carry it all without getting the things messed up. Tylt is one such company that has attempted to solve this pain point with their latest product the Energi Pro Power Backpack.


The concept of Powerback is not exactly new to us, especially since HP unveiled the laptop bag that would double up as a charger. However, Tylt Energi PRO Power Backpack seems to be designed differently and does offer a couple of new features, like the cable routing. A quick look at the bag doesn’t reveal much about its innate abilities as it more or less looks like a normal backpack. The wall charging cable wounds itself up into the bag and can be plugged into any standard electric outlet.


TYLT bag makes sure that you don’t run out of places to stow your gadgets and as a result, we have a backpack with 11 compartments and a 20,100 mAh quick charge battery. The charging cable comes with both USB and USB Type-C port and thanks to the Cable Routing the cables can be accessed from one compartment to another. The bag is capable of charging most of our gadgets including phones and laptops. Furthermore, the bag also comes with water resistance and RFID fraud protection features to ensure that the devices and the data both are safe. The powerbank in the bag is capable of charging smartphones up to 10 times, tablets up to 2.5 times and laptop up to 1.5 times, which is pretty good indeed. Just to sum it up, the bag also comes laced with Qualcomm 3.0 QuickCharge (support up to 4.8A) which is great considering most of the new smartphones support QuickCharge.

The Energi PRO Power backpack also comes with a trolley styled handle that will allow users to lug it around easily. The bag is designed to stay cool, courtesy the battery ventilation and the sweat-resistant shoulder paddings. TYLT bag is TSA friendly but it is yet to be certified by TSA, something that could play a big role in influencing the buyers’ decision. If this bag is something that interests you the pledges for the same starts at $129 on Indiegogo.

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