In the recent past, we have been seeing a slew of robotic smart cleaners in the market amongst which Roomba and the Xiaomi Mi Clean have been the popular ones. Now Milagrow has extended its robotic cleaner line-up with AguaBot 5.0 which the company claims are the first Smart healthcare Floor vacuuming robot. The Aquabot unlike most of its competitors comes with both wet and dry cleaning abilities. The Aguabot also creates its own Wi-Fi Network which extends up to 3-metres and can connect to three devices simultaneously. The companion app on the smartphone is touted to allow users control 12 functions with the mobile device.



The AguaBot will come with an Anion generator, the anion is known to have an impact on nearly everything including a person’s immune system and even the mood. Furthermore, the Anion is expected to prevent respiratory disorders, reduce stress, elevate mood and reduce depression! The robot comes with a large smart mop measuring 350x210mm and a water reservoir. All one needs to do is fill in the reservoir with water and then put the smart mop at the bottom of the tank and attach it to the reservoir. The Mop has been designed in such a way that only the front portion does the wet wiping while the rear portion would wipe the floor dry. The suction is rated at 45w and in the case of extra dirt the dual suction fires up. The robot also comes with two modes, normal which is frugal on battery and Turbo which is something one would use to extract the extra dirt.


In order to move about Aguabot 5.0 is fitted with anti-slippage tyres and a suspension system that is derived from the automobiles. Unlike other cleaning robots which would usually come to a grinding halt in case of even the smallest obstruction, the Aguabot is capable of tackling objects up to 22 mm. At 2.5kgs the Robot is pretty light and it is also swift considering that is expected to cover carpet area nearing to 3,500 square feet in 120 minutes. The battery backup is enough to last for at least a complete sweep of 3,500 square feet.

If you are on a lookout for an advanced mopping robot with healthcare functions, the Milagrow Aguabot 5.0 seems like a formidable choice at Rs 35,990. The Aquabot 5.0 can be ordered from Milagrow’s site and the product comes with 2-Year warranty and 30-days return policy.

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