It was hardly surprising to see internet plastered with pictures of a burnt iPhone that was apparently still inside the box when it caught fire. It wasn’t surprising since the last two months have been mostly about Galaxy Note 7 exploding every now and then, of course, add to that the recent Samsung washing machines that started exploding. However, now it turns out that the iPhone 7 explosion might not be due to a manufacturing defect.


If it was a real thing we would have been informed by now. It all started with Reddit user Kroopthesnoop who posted the photo of the phone attached to a claim that it had arrived in that condition. Later, the Redditor posted that Apple and AT&T, both are aware of the incident and are already sending a replacement phone.

The explosion might have given way to a bucket load of jokes and memes but again the authenticity of the claim is something very sloppy. As folks at Mashable pointed out, the dent on the back seems like it was caused by an impact with an actual blow. Well for argument’s sake, the burnt parts do depict the fact that it caught fire, but it is most likely that the fire was an aftermath of the blow. Since the iPhone was in transit and was obviously switched off (stating the obvious!) the chances of the phone combusting all by itself are very slim. Also, the damage during transit cannot be completely ruled out.


That being said, it is still premature for any of us to right off the incident and it would be wise to see if other Apple iPhone 7 users report something similar. As in the past, such stuff has happened with iPhones but it has mostly been isolated events, something that doesn’t need us to be worried. Launched nearly a month ago, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are selling like hot cakes alongside people complaining about the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Source: Mashable
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