GIF has always been a way to keep oneself and others amused. Be it the cute cat stuff or the millions of other random things that simply bring up a smile on our face. Giphy has one of the most exhaustive sets of GIF’s on the web and the makers had briefly published a new app to the Play Store called Beta Cam. The app lets you record the content and then allows you to add effects and stickers. This works on the same line as Prisma but instead is meant for GIF’s.


The app description goes on and says that they will be offering new filters every week so that you can up your “GIF game on point. “Needless to say once you are done with editing the GIF’s can be shared directly to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and also SMS. Just in case, you can also store the GIF in multiple formats and store it for future use.

At this juncture, the app is labelled unreleased on the Google Play Store and it might take some time to hit the shelves. The app is a hardcore entertainer,  in fact, while I was trying it out I couldn’t put down my phone for at least an hour, great effects, stickers, and the filters. Just to think of it, the Beta cam is like a meme factory, anyone can just create memes and have a field day. The Overall experience was pretty smooth for me and was devoid of any major bugs, yes the app got sluggish at times but that never was a hindrance.

In a literal sense one can enjoy the iPhone Live photo feature on Android with the Giphy app and unlike the Live photos, you can also share GIFs across multiple platforms. The app is most likely to get the traction that Prisma had achieved months ago and this is something we need to wait and watch. If you love creating your own GIF and exchange it for some good-natured banter, then the Giphy is an app that’s worth giving a try. Since the app is withdrawn from the PlayStore, one can download the latest version of the apk here.

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