Google has now launched their first hardware product dubbed the Daydream View that comes with support for their brand new Daydream Project. As expected the Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones comes with support for the VR headset. Google, however, claims that many other hardware partners are already in the process of producing Daydream compatible smartphones.



Daydream View is a minimalistic VR headset that comes with a fuss-free design. Instead of using the plastic casing used in most other VR headsets like Gear VR, Google decided to opt for a soft touch nylon material thereby making it suitable for long hours of use. It’s is nowhere as complicated as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Rather it looks eerily similar to the VR headset launched by high-flying Chinese firm Xiaomi. That said, it hasn’t yet been ascertained whether the DayDream VR headset from Google is indeed made by the Chinese firm. However, it’s worth noting that the Xiaomi is one of the official hardware partners for Google’s Daydream project.


Coming to the hardware, the Daydream View is quite similar to the Gear VR from Samsung and even the good old Google Cardboard. You don’t need to connect the headset to any computers or sensors. Rather all you need to do is to just dock the smartphone into the headset itself. The use of nylon component not only makes the Daydream View light and portable but also help it block out the unnecessary surrounding light. Google has also announced their Daydream View Headset will come in three coloured nylon casing. These include Slate, Crimson Red, and Snow.



The Mount View giant has also announced a controller for their Google Daydream View which incidentally can be docked into the headset itself when not in use. This, in fact, helps you from losing or dropping the controller too often. The latest Daydream Project from Google that powers the Daydream View comes with a number of apps including a number of educational ones. That aside, it comes with support for Netflix, Hulu, HBO and New York Times’ VR Documentaries. Google claims that there are around 50 partners who are closely working on bringing apps and games to their Daydream platform by year end. There is also support for Google Play Movies, Google Photos, Maps and even YouTube. Apart from that, the Daydream platform comes with a Street View app that allows you to visit hundreds of places around the world including the Taj Mahal.


The Google Daydream View goes on Sale in November for $79 (Rs 5,263 approx.) in the US. Google, however, hasn’t come out with its plans to launch the VR headset globally as of yet. However, we can expect a global rollout by year end.


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