Google Chrome browser is known to be resource hogging and this is one aspect of the browser that has proven to be Achilles heels over the time. Google has been making tall claims of future updates to make the Chrome browser frugal but sadly not much has been materialized in the recent past. Now, with the web pages loaded with several intuitive features it only becomes natural for the browser to be burdened with the task of taking care of additional resources, thus the memory management is of prime importance here.



Google’s Chromium team is currently working on improving the browser and is expected to consume half the RAM as opposed to now. This is possible all thanks to a new JavaScript engine in the Chrome 54. According to Google sites including Reddit, Twitter, The New York Times and YouTube were using 50 percent less RAM which is a feat indeed. Also, you will be able to see how Chrome browser will be able to handle a high number of open tabs with relative ease without giving up. These improvisations will go a long way for folks using machines with low specs.

This just seems to be the beginning for the Chromium team which is striving to optimise the browsing experience for low-end machines with less than 1GB of RAM. The stable build is slated to go live on December 6th and if you want to check it right away you can do so by downloading the Beta from the Chrome Beta Channel but be warned that the Beta might surprise you with a few unexpected bugs.

Personally, Chrome has been my primary browser but it starts lagging and getting sluggish if I open more than 10 tabs on my Notebook. Crashes due to low RAM is also not something new (especially on my Notebook that has 2GB of RAM). At the same time, it is very tough for me to ditch the convenience of the Chrome browser and the ease with which it syncs up my browsing data with the Android browser. If Google’s memory optimization works as touted it can turn out to be a world of difference for most of its users.

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