How do you look for an image on the internet? You most probably just type and search via any popular engines available out there such as Google. Some even provide the ability to explore photos based on a file you upload. However, have you ever wanted to scavenge results by drawing a rough imagination? Well, you’re in luck as the professional photography network, 500px has a dedicated native tool for that.


Splash, 500px’s web application, provides an online space where you can draw what you’re looking for using a limited set of appliances. The app will then, search through the database based on your awful sketch and in most cases, it will come up with the required results.

To get started, head over to this page and on the bottom, you’ll find a small window where you have to paint. You currently have only two utilities, brush size, and color. There’s a third button that is just for clearing the board. You don’t necessarily need to draw like a skilled artist, Splash only needs a vague overview. Once you’re done, results will automatically load below and are scattered in a bunch of categories including Landscapes, People, Animals, Travel, and City. If you would like to download the original image, click the thumbnail and Splash will redirect you to the respective 500px page.


As of now, Splash lacks the functionality most users will desire such as thinner brush sizes, shapes and what not. However, 500px has designed it so that everyone can use it and not feel intimated by the available options. They should still, though, add the bare essentials. The outcomes also aren’t always flawless but I expect it to get better over time. Splash is entirely free of cost, requires no sign-up, hence go ahead and give it a whirl.

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