Candy Cush stimulates quite a lot of memories for me personally. It was one of the games that went viral and played by almost everyone and yes, how could we even forget all those Candy Crush invite plaguing our Facebook Notifications. Well, the magic of the game is certainly fading and it seems like a bid to revive the franchise, the Candy Crush is soon going to be turned into an actual TV show. Yes, the one with contestants, prizes and of course dollops of drama.


It sets me to wonder how will actual contestants fit into this game and CBS doesn’t help either as it has decided not to divulge the details. All that CBS is revealing is that team of two people will be competing against each other for a course of hours. They further claim that the contestants need to use both their wits and agility to chart their progress on “enormous, interactive game boards featuring next generation technology.”

This licensing deal couldn’t have been much better for King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga and the Candy Crush Soda. Both the titles still seem to be in vogue as an average of around 18 billion game rounds are played every month. Additionally, the game still figures out in the top ten grossing mobile games in U.S.

As we expressed earlier the rankings of Candy Crush are indeed plummeting in comparison with the earlier times, while the game was at its peak it was ranked at 30 and today it is ranked at 130 on the Apple Play Store. This calls for the game maker to rake money from other avenues including merchandising and licensing deals, like this one. As per the announcement Matt Kunitz of the Wipeout and Fear Factor fame would be producing the show and will work alongside Lionsgate and King.

The game is expected to be laced with action and the larger than life elements, considering that it already has a huge fan base the appeal of the game just gets better. Well, that said I personally cannot fathom how Candy Crush will shape up as an actual game show but again it is very likely that shows like this will end up appeasing a large clout of audience.

Source: TechCrunch

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