LeEco marked its entry to the U.S market in a rather grand way. Amidst the plethora of products, they unveiled the one that caught our attention is the connected LeSEE Pro Electric Car. The most surprising part of it all was how LeEco as a company managed to dabble through such a diversified range of products. The car was unveiled at the LeEco event and well it looked like a concept car that tries to depict the future of driverless cars.


On the roof, one can easily spot the array of sensors housed in a hub which is something very common with the autonomous cars. Since this is just a concept car in all likelihood the production model will look pretty different and maybe more practical as well. Strangely enough, LeEco has kept mum on its production plans, testing phase and also the pricing for the car. The emphasize was mostly on how intelligent the car is and the manner in which it blends with the LeEco system.

The car comes with an exterior lighting that can skim through five different shades of colors in order to signal others on which driving mode the car is in it. The lighting will further aid the pedestrians in knowing if the car is ready for car share, a new feature which makes it ready for carpooling. Another interesting bit of gadgetry is the retractable steering wheel that goes back into the dashboard once the autonomous driving mode is engaged and of course the car comes laced with LeEco’s entertainment system. LeEco has also partnered with Faraday Future a start-up that is building a car manufacturing facility in Nevada. That said, the car would reach its production phase only in the next year.

Disclaimer: The editor of the blog is in San Francisco to cover the launch event on invitation of LeEco

PHOTO CREDITS: http://www.autoblog.com/2016/10/19/leeco-lesee-electric-car-transformers-movie/
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