In the age of smart devices, it is but fair to long for a smart alarm clock that gently nudges us out of the sleep. Well, Bonjour is the latest Kickstarter project that not only promises to help you get out of bed but will also take into consideration the other factors. The inclusion of A.I means that the clock will learn of your ‘sleeping’ habits over time and optimize accordingly.


The A.I algorithms are created to learn your needs and wakes you up accordingly. Just like the most of other A.I assistant you will be treated with a female voice giving you vocal instructions. The alarm is smart in the sense that it takes into consideration the traffic enroute your workplace and accordingly suggest when you can wake up. Bonjour goes a step beyond and lets you know if you have time for an extra cup of coffee or for that matter the luxury of extra sleep. Bonjour integrates with other smart devices in your home and works in tandem.


Remember the level of contextual speech Google’s new Assistant supports, well the Bonjour seems to do something similar. The smart alarm can decipher contextual conversation which consists of a sentence with more than one variable. For instance, if its Sunday and you want to go fishing but are worried about the weather at the same time, this is what you can tell Bonjour, wake me up at 8A.M if its sunny else let me sleep till 10AM. The Smart clock will delve into the weather details before waking you up thus allowing you to catch up with all that pending sleep.

Also, Bonjour can automatically wake you up if there is heavy traffic on your way to work and can also check in with Uber. Bonjour literally mimics a personal assistant and it keeps on alerting you about the impending appointments on the Calendar. Well, just like the Amazon Echo or the Google Home Bonjour also works with third party apps like Spotify, web radios, video streaming site and lot more.

Bonjour can also nag you to exercise and for this it fetches data from fitness trackers like FitBit, Apple and Withings. Considering that the weather is good and you are not scheduled for anything the smart alarm will suggest you to take a jog in the park or indulge yourself in any sort of physical activity. In brief, here are some of the connected devices that you can control with Bonjour, Thermostat, cameras, light, security and temperature. Furthermore, the device also runs a check on your security before hitting the bed.

The circular shaped Bonjour looks contemporaneous enough to go with your home décor. In some sense the Bonjour reminds me of the Google Nest thermostat but beyond that it looks like a piece of art. Icing on the cake comes in the form of a USB slot that can charge your other devices including smartphones. The smart alarm also comes integrated with a HD display that not only beams all the information but also streams the live feed from the security cameras. The Kickstarter pledge options start from $99 and the product is expected to be shipped only in June next year.


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