Google has vowed to get itself involved in the hardware business starting with the Google Pixel, Google Home, Google Wi-Fi and not to mention the Chromecast. The company has now announced that it will update its range of hardware with yet another offering, a whiteboard. Yes, a traditional looking whiteboard that comes studded with pieces of latest technology.


To begin with, the Whiteboard is a 55-inch 4K touchscreen that is closely integrated with the Google’s suite of products including Gmail, GDrive and Google Docs. The cornerstone of this product is easy collaboration and this will shape up as a great tool for online business meetings. Google says that the Jamboard is specifically designed to ease out the brainstorming session with the Google Search integration and tools like sticky notes and stencils. Also, the Jamboard comes with handwriting and shape recognition.


Furthermore, the Jamboard is also expected to increase the involvement of the team members as they no more have to reach to the center stage and explain their ideas on the whiteboard. Attendees can join the Jamboard session from anywhere by making use of Android or iOS Device. Needless to say, all the attendees will be treated with the real-time feed from the board and will be able to pitch in their ideas by adding text or maybe an image.

Replacing your whiteboard markers are two chunky styli which can be used to write on the pressure sensitive display and the eraser comes in the form of a microfiber eraser, or even better you can use your hands to wipe it off. Now everything scribbled on the board is stored in Google Drive and this is kind of convenient for the users and for Google. Also, this is the only way the Jamboard would have stored the data as it doesn’t come with a storage of its own. The participants can dial in through the usual Google Hangouts and can contribute their bit by adding stuff. Google has also included an HD camera that will take selfies.

The Jamboard is not just for meetings as the movie buffs can stream Netflix via the built-in Chromecast in the comfort of the boardroom! The hardware will only be available next year and the damage is said to be less than $6000, until then scribble to your heart’s content on the usual whiteboard.

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