Apple is all set to launch the iterative upgrade for the MacBook Air tomorrow and in the meanwhile, we have been treated to a bunch of leaks that have pretty much outlined the major new features of the upcoming MacBooks. Remember the rumor that has been making rounds since the past few months, yes the one that claims that MacBook comes with a touch toolbar along with a fingerprint scanner that would enable Apple Pay.



The new images were unearthed in the Apple Pay images that were neatly hidden in the macOS Sierra 10.12.1 release that started seeding yesterday. Yet another startling observation is that the Escape key has been omitted and if sources are to be believed the Escape key will be remapped to the physical hardware button. The small display at the top of the keyboard aims at replacing the function keys and instead it features a cancel button on the left part of the display.

The pictures further divulge that the new MacBook will come armed with a TouchID sensor and this is how it will be up and running for Apple Pay. However, a glance at the picture reveals that the area around the Touch ID sensor is darkened which points out at the possibility that the sensor is not an integral part of the display. Also, the keyboard resembles the one on the current 12-inch Retina MacBook. While some of the users complain about the low-key travel in the 12-inch Retina MacBook it is yet to be seen if the keyboard on the new MacBook will come with deeper switches.


Yet another trait of the 13-inch MacBook is that the bezels covering the display and the keyboard have been slimmed and the speakers are relocated to the side of the keyboards instead of the bottom. Overall it seems that the MacBook Pro will be slimmer and will don a much compact form factor as opposed to its predecessor. Also, it will be interesting to see the hardware configuration on this machine. Apple is known to equip the MacBooks with the best hardware combination possible even if it means a direct compromise on computing prowess. The rumor mills are speculating Skylake processor alongside USB Type-C ports. Apart from this Apple is also expected to announce the new retina external display.

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