Every tech conglomerate is now talking about artificial intelligence for making the applications we use every day, smarter. AI enables algorithms to learn our habits, what we actually like, what we don’t, where we are at what time, basically, it attempts to bring human-level accuracy to the apps we’re accustomed to. While, the AI world is still in its infancy considering the immense potential, developers have already begun to realize machine learning’s potential and have been devising ways for improving functionality. Hence, in this article, we talk about five such smartphone applications you should take a look at.

1. Recent News


As the name suggests, Recent News is a relatively smarter news aggregation app powered by artificially intelligent algorithms. The app will study your reading habits, how much you read daily, what you like or share, and through that, suggest articles that you will definitely consume. The Android app works flawlessly if you regularly start using it, at least for me it was able to accurately recommend some really engaging stories. The interface has been kept quite straightforward for five primary tabs including Recommended, Home which will consist of articles from the topics you’ve manually selected, Hot News, Local, and All Topics. You can further customize the app by adding various filters. Recent News is completely free on the play store and Apple’s app store, so go ahead and give it a shot.

2. Swiftkey Keyboard


Swiftkey, the most popular third-party Android keyboard recently overhauled its core word prediction system by integrating neural networks replacing the conventional and outdated probability-based algorithm. In layman terms, Swiftkey now relates relations among words as nerves in your brain. For instance, if you typed “I’ll meet you at the”, through the probability architecture, Swiftkey would come up with “moment” or “end” because it is inferring only “at the”. With the neural approach, it will show results such as “airport” or “office”. Although, it only works with a limited number of languages as of now including English. Still, the much advanced AI system is surely better than any other keyboard application available in the play store right now. Swiftkey is available for free in the play store if you’d like to try. Unfortunately, Swiftkey’s AI capabilities are currently limited to Android.



Ever wanted professional lessons for improving your English accent but don’t want to spend the hefty fee? Well, artificially intelligent app, ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) has got you covered. ELSA is a virtual pronunciation coach that will guide you through a series of exercises for teaching you the basic as well as advanced elements of speaking English. The app, first of all, asks what is your native language which also consists local ones like Hindi, Bengali and programs its questions accordingly. You can also input in specific words you would like to know the pronunciation of. It’s a free app available on the play store and app store, go ahead and give it a shot if you want to improve your English speech.

4. Siftr Magic Cleaner


Siftr Magic Cleaner utilizes artificial intelligence for locating spam and junk photos on your phone to free up some space. These images are individually analyzed locally through a series of machine learning algorithms. Despite that, the app works surprisingly fast and provides apt results most of the times. You can manually select the photos you want to delete or just let Siftr do its magic. It is available for free on the play store and iOS’s app store.

5. Microsoft Pix


Pix is a camera app for iOS from Microsoft that uses AI for suggesting tweaks and edits for your captured shots. It can adjust typical elements like exposure, white balance, focus and consequently chooses the best shot from a burst of captures. Additionally, the app even recognizes people in the frame and accordingly, improves background focus, highlights to make sure everyone looks good. Once the image has been taken, it lets you preview the original and enhanced versions allowing you to compare the alternations. Microsoft Pix is available for free on the iOS app store.

So those were some of the lesser known smartphone apps that are using artificially intelligent algorithms. You can also find AI mechanisms embedded in popular applications such as Prisma, Google Photos, Allo, and a whole lot more. Do comment down below if we missed a good one.

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Shubham is based out of Ahmedabad, India and is studying to be a Computer Engineer, while specializing in mobile applications. He loves covering what's new in the smartphone space and aims to make it his primary profession some day.