Facebook’s next big bet seems to be on the gaming front, today the social media major launched it’s Gameroom Windows desktop gaming platform. The gaming platform is akin to the Steam except for the fact that Facebook will help the gaming platform flourish with its organic reach. The platform has been subjected to months of beta testing and all the while the name changed too. As of now, the app is available for download to users running Windows 7 and up.


Unlike Valve’s Steam, Gameroom seems to be focussing on less graphic intensive games that have a social angle as well. Thankfully the app is dedicated and not bundled with Facebook and this means that one can play the game without the distractions from the Facebook News feed. However, Facebook is expected to battle out the mighty Stream platform that has more than 125 million active users who are playing games at any given time. Facebook needs to leverage its social reach and convince the developers to hop on to their new platforms.

Facebook has a lot of perks if it indeed becomes the preferred gaming destination, first, it can blend in its social network and also promote the games directly on users feed. Yet another revenue stream is the possibility of generating content from the players live feed. Needless to say, Facebook will also make use of the use of its well-targeted user to promote the Gameroom. Most of the users have given up on casual desktop gaming and instead switched to mobile gaming, with the Gameroom, Facebook wants to bring back the users on board their platform which will also cater for the mobile community.

Furthermore, gaming platforms like the Unity 5.6 will allow the devs to directly port the games to Gameroom. Well, the Facebook-powered Gameroom is already up and running, maybe you can drop by and check out the games spread across various genres including shooters, strategy titles, and puzzles.

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