Netflix has changed the way in which we consume content, in fact it is this very streaming service that helped us coin the terms like Binge watching and cord cutters. Well, now it seems that NetFlix has also inspired a few folks to make some boring and slow videos to help people sleep. Remember how most of us couldn’t help but keep watching the television till we get sleep. Netflix does has its own share of boring videos made up of dull footage’s that can rock you to sleep in a jiffy but what if the same was bundled and offered in a package.


Enter Napflix, the new video platform that describes itself as the “siesta video platform” and well it does ensure that the app stays true to its name. NapFlix also lets you choose from its boring catalogue and just to ensure that you get bored with your genre of preference the videos are categorized. The sports category consists of curling, cycling, chess and lacrosse videos.

The makers of Napflix consider themselves at the service of human race by helping them achieve the much needed sleep. But again Napflix has just curated all of these boring videos and put them up at a single place. Well just to familiarize you with the videos we have listed a few of them below,

1. The History Of Scalextric Part One

This video walks you through the history of scale models and is a converted video from the original VHS. Despite not being that boring the video is sure to help you take that deep long breath and doze off to sleep.

2.The Minecraft

This Minecraft Chicken seems to be focused on its own goal i.e to keep walking for an hour. The video is expected to put you to sleep.

3.The Aquarium

Well how about three hours of Aquarium fish, coral reef fish tank amongside some relaxing music. Sink into the tranquillity and slowly drift off to the kingdom of dreams.

4. BBC Test Card

The BBcCTest card with the slow-paced music seems to be a perfect recipe for those sleepless nights. Also, the Test Card is classic indeed.

5. The Timer

How about staring at a countdown timer that refuses to go away for the next 10-hours. The timer is an indication of number of hours before which you must wake up and once again tide along with the routine.

While the researchers are still arguing on whether watching TV in order to sleep is good or not the NapFlix actually helps you go to sleep. Moreover, a couple of boring slow paced videos maybe won’t do much harm anyways.

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