Android Nougat is gradually making its way to a number of high-end smartphones that were apparently launched earlier this year. Samsung and Sony both have launched their Nougat Beta program for their Galaxy S7 Edge and Xperia X respectively. Now, even the upstarts like OnePlus plan to step up the gas, as it has now confirmed that Nougat is coming to the OnePlus 3 by the end of this month.


OnePlus 3 has had a dream run ever since it was launched earlier this year. While the smartphones from the Chinese firm have always had the best price to performance ratio, they were rather slow in receiving major Android updates. OnePlus however, plans to change things around this time.

Brian Yoon, the Head of Software for OnePlus has now confirmed that Android Nougat will be rolling out to the OnePlus 3 in the form of Android Nougat Community Build. This means that you need to be on the latest Community Build to get a taste of Android 7.1. That said, if you are currently on the stable build, you can always do things manually and swap to the Community Build to get a taste of Google’s latest build of Android. It’s also worth noting that the Android Nougat will also be rolling out to OnePlus 2 users, but no time frame has been set for that so far.

Recently OnePlus merged their Oxygen and Hydrogen OS to opt for a unified OS for faster software updates in the future. In case you are unaware, the Hydrogen OS was meant for China, while devices that sell outside Mainland China got the Oxygen OS. With that merger, it’s now easier for the company to roll out future updates and it seems that Nougat Beta build for OnePlus 3 is a by-product of the same. Ever since the merger, OnePlus has pushed around five community builds of OnePlus 3 of which everyone came with some major improvements. Besides, the stable version of the OnePlus 3 too has received about seven updates with a period of 6 months, and that’s quite healthy by all means.

The OnePlus executive has also confirmed that the stable build of Android Nougat will be rolled out to all users before the end of this year. So we can expect its roll out somewhere in December. Nice time to push such a huge software update indeed. Apart from that, Brian didn’t touch upon news regarding Nougat update for OnePlus X and OnePlus One, despite a large number of rumors that are circulating in the industry. It’s worth noting that both the Snapdragon 801 chips powering the above-mentioned smartphones don’t support Vulkan API framework of Nougat. So just in case, the latest version of Android does roll out to either of these smartphones, it will be a heavily tweaked version with fewer features.

In related news, Cyanogen Inc. has now announced official nightly CM 14.1 builds running on Android Nougat 7.1 for OnePlus 3 and a handful of other smartphones. The ROM is now available for download via the official site and can be flashed onto your phone using a TWRP recovery. Meanwhile, OnePlus is all set to unveil a new smartphone powered by Snapdragon 821 in the form of OnePlus 3T on November 15 in London.

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