Google Popular Times has been helping people decide on their outings be it shopping in the bustling holiday season or planning to visit a recreational park on a weekend. Popular also helps out folks to plan travel in advance and decide on the timing to visit your favorite restaurant. Now Google has upped the ante by announcing a new service for the Popular Times, real-time tracking. In a simple sense, this feature works similar to the Traffic feature in the Google Maps that shows the density of traffic on your route.



With this update, you will be able to exactly see how much crowded your favorite restaurant is and whether you will be able to get your preferred both without waiting long. Well, the restaurant is just one scenario and Popular Times is expected to work with many other businesses.  Just like before, the Popular Times section is nestled in the Google or the Google Maps when you search for a restaurant and now it will also let you have a live look at how busy a place is. Wondering how Google knows about this? Well, it makes use of the anonymized location data from the smartphones in order to judge how many people are there at a given time. Popular Times has earlier been lauded for being pretty accurate and now with the update it’s only going to get better.

That said the Live feature in Popular Times is not yet available but we should be able to see it soon. As I said earlier this feature will not be limited to restaurant’s and will be extended to bars, café and also other businesses. Whenever we visit any businesses Google asks you about the place and also prods the users to rate the place. If time management is something that bothers you then the Popular Times real-time feature will be a saving grace.

Source: Google

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