Apple Products have always been surrounded with a hoopla and well, the company has delivered its bits of new features like the 3D Touch and the Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro. But that said Apple is not really a company that we would expect to go beyond the obvious and develop some wacky new stuff. While I do agree that Apple’s recent patent filing have been pretty impressive (obviously apart from the carry bag!) they rarely undergo the metamorphism to an actual product. What we have here is ‘Apple Mirror’, yes a mirror that looks mimics iPhone display and comes with iOS styled icons to launch the apps.


The mirror looks like a computer display but it is also a mirror since you can see yourself in it. At top of the screen, a clock and a real-time weather hub are perched at the top of the screen and the app icons can be dragged and moved anywhere on the screen, pretty much like how one would do on an iPhone or an iPad. The apps, however, don’t open in full screen and that probably has something to do with the scaling restrictions. The apps open up in smaller windows and the user can toggle the settings by using your mirror as a touchscreen, this also means that you can use selected apps on the mirror itself.

The Apple Mirror goes to sleep with the inactivity of 45 seconds and it can be turned on by tapping on the screen. Well the maker of this app, Dymek also shows how one can watch a Netflix show, hail an Uber and also connect the mirror to Sonos. This also reminds us of the Naked, a Smart Mirror that talks about your body. Also, one could open up the NBC app to read the news. The video will show you the mirror in action and maybe one day Apple would start diversifying its product line and start churning out new products.

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