As internet users invariably all of us have a virtual presence on the world wide web, much like an alter ego. Since the Internet keeps a track of everything we have done so far but some memories or mentions of us might not be so pleasant after all. is a novel service that promises to erase the entire history of you from the Internet, just in case you want to a put up a Houdini act. The makers of the app claim that it will “clean up your existence.”


I was pretty apprehensive about trying out the service since I thought that it might automatically delete me from the internet with login, fortunately, that isn’t the case. comes with a full-fledged dashboard like the menu that lets you choose the services that you want to exit. In essence, the app detects your subscriptions to websites and offers a  link to delete your accounts. The app makes use of Google OAuth and with this data security shouldn’t be much of an issue. offers an option of deleting the accounts and will also let you add it to delete queue, which is pretty much like the wish list for unsubscribing. Now, not all services are supported/integrated with the which means that one cannot delete themselves from the services. That said, I was pretty happy that the service listed most of the sites to which I had subscribed and was also surprised to see a few old websites that I used many years ago.


When it comes to the larger platforms the deletion is pretty much straight forward but when it comes to the lesser known sites and smaller newsletters. In all likelihood, these services might never get integrated but at least the app tells you about those pesky newsletters that have been spamming your mailbox since forever.

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