Who said students life is easy? They have to scuffle through a ton of books, assignments and also make sure that their laptops don’t fall and break into smithereens. HP has decided to solve this problem by offering a laptop that comes with a military grade of toughness for students. The laptop is not only rugged but also offers software needed for the schools.



In essence, the HP ProBook x360 Education Edition is a low-end laptop that comes with a rugged exterior. In fact, Gus Schmedlen, HP’s head of education says that the laptop is “tested to military field standards”, Well, by the military grade standards they categorically point out to the MIL-STD-810G standard. HP claims that they have been dropping the tablets from the desk height onto concrete and steel floors, just to ensure that it doesn’t give away.

Furthermore, the keyboard is expected to be resistant to spills of about 12 ounces of liquid and is also resistant to being picked at. That said there is no shortage of rugged laptops but most of them come with a mid-range or even a high-end configuration the end result of which is a premium price tag. The ProBook x360 comes with an 11-inch display but all the rugged features mean that the ProBook is bulky as opposed to the other similarly sized laptops. But again HP has found a sweet spot and claims that the ProBook X360 is the “thinnest rugged convertible” in the market.

The HP Laptop comes preloaded with classroom management software and is laced with features that were designed after taking feedback from the educators. To start with, the LED light at the back begins to glow when the Wi-Fi is switched on thus cleverly signaling the teachers that the student is using the internet when they are not supposed to. The touchscreen can be folded and HP has fixed an optional camera to film the laptop when it is folded. The laptop is expected to be sold directly to the educational institutions and HP might consider selling it to third party retailers at a later stage. HP is yet to announce the pricing and availability are yet to be announced.

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