There are myriad applications for smartphones out there which allow keeping tabs on friends and family’s whereabouts. However, in most cases, these utilities are either annoyingly difficult to operate or are inaccurate and sluggish. However, Google has a new app in the town, Trusted Contacts, and it is the most straightforward approach to sharing location with others.


Google Trusted Contacts enables users to essentially, create a list of their loved ones and share coordinates with them in real-time when required. The app itself is quite barebones, although, it satisfactorily does its job. Your trusted contacts can also see your “activity status” which basically, denotes whether you’ve been in transit recently or not. The person who wants to know your precise location can demand it and subsequently, you can accept or reject that request. Additionally, if you fail to respond in five minutes, the application will automatically share your location as it’s primarily designed to ensure safety.

How to Share Location with Google’s Trusted Contacts

1. For getting started with Trusted Contacts, head over to the play store and download the free app.

2. Sign up with your Google account and add the people you wish to include in your “trusted contacts list”. You can do it later if you’d like to skip for now.

3. On the landing page, you’ve your status on the top, list beneath that with the “share your location” button and lastly, a little orange icon between them through which you can voluntarily share your whereabouts to a bunch of recipients or all of them with the alert option.

4. While sharing your location, you can also post updates by tapping the “+” button (or from the add a note option in the notifications) in the view map screen.

5. For ending the session, simply hit the stop button on the top or the “stop sharing” option in the notifications.


6. Furthermore, for adding more contacts, there’s an option in the navigation drawer available on the left side.

7. You can also specify contacts, requests for whom you’d want the app to ignore. The “Ignore Contacts” list is accessible from the settings menu.

So, there you have it, Google’s Trusted Contacts is definitely a must have if you regularly use such apps or were waiting for something comprehensive yet minimal. In terms of accuracy, there’s no doubt Google aces it (they do have the most popular navigation system), at least in my testing. The comments section on the play store does contain some negative feedbacks, however, it worked fine for me. It’s probably a hardware issue for those users. Do let us know your experience down below.

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