It all started when Tesla unveiled its first electric-powered car called Roadster in 2008. The Tesla story has rattled traditional car manufacturers and as expected they have been strengthening on technology aspect and are striving to bring out the ultimate Tesla killer. On the sidelines, many startups are coming up with electric cars that would give Tesla’s a run for their money. Lucid is one such electric car startup that came out of stealth mode back in October and today it has showcased its latest creation, Air. As per the company, the  car is a perfect mishmash between luxury and sports segment and will hit the production lines in 2018.


Lucid categorically states four prime areas of focus with the car i.e, electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity and ride sharing, which ironically seems to be the most preferred ingredients for almost all modern electric car manufacturers. Lucid is apparently banking on the fact that most of the traditional car makers are gearing up to buy technologies from auto startups. On the contrary, it has been considerably difficult for the automakers to shift to the new technologies as they would have to change literally everything starting from the quintessential chassis and the drivetrain.


Moving on, Lucid has built the car from scratch and the fully electric drivetrain is capable of churning out a staggering 1,000 horsepower and impart it to all the four wheels (Yes, it is an all Wheel Drive) The car achieves a range of 300 miles thanks to the 100 kilowatt battery that is anchored to the floor. Lucid doesn’t offer a ludicrous mode but even in the normal race mode the car is expected to reach 60 mph in a matter of 2.5 seconds which inadvertently puts it in the league of other conventional Hypercars.

The self-driving module is made up of six radar units, eight cameras, and four LIDAR sensors. The dashboard is a typical setup with a large screen showing drivers what the car detects and thus giving a brief of what exactly is happening. That said the Lucid Air may not come with full self-driving capability but instead it will feature driving assist features like the adaptive cruise control and the auto lane change feature. Also, the Lucid Air offers a plush interior and the streamlined body lines seem to be a fusion between classic and new design.


Thanks to the compact drive train Lucid has been able to achieve a smaller footprint with the Air all the while offering a generous cabin space with captain seats that recline and the other bells and whistles one would usually associate with luxury sedans. Lucid further stresses on the bit that the Lucid Air is not a concept car and the company has already inked a deal with Arizona to build its first manufacturing plant. At this juncture, the price remains unannounced and we do expect it to priced in the league of other luxury sedans.

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