Remember the last time you asked someone to give you a neck or a shoulder massage and it didn’t go as expected? When your neck and shoulders are hurting a typical massage could relieve the pain but it is not every time that you could seek professional help. Massage gadgets are not something new and have been flooding the market for quite some time but most of them fail miserably when it comes to actual utility. Most of them actually end up as vibrating pads, chairs, and bands which do nothing but vibrate.


TruMedic’s Instashiatsu+ is a $120 shoulder and neck massager that is set to change the things, for good. The massager literally wraps around your neck and shoulder and employs the rotating and rolling ball technology to help relieve the pain. That said, one can also rely on the massage chairs for this functionality but again those are highly priced and being an actual chair it is not portable.

Unlike the recent bout of healthcare devices the TruMedic Instashiatsu+ does not come with all the bells and whistles like a companion app, cloud connectivity, and machine learning instead it takes the old-fashioned route and settles for three buttons, one that turns it on and off, one for the heat controls and the last one for reversing the rotation of the shiatsu balls. The massager needs to be wrapped around your neck and both your hands should be placed inside the holster. It is the gravity that will help the device exert the required pressure on your necks and shoulders, in case you desire a deeper massage simply put in more pressure. Also, the Instashiatsu+ is engineered to reverse the rotation of the shiatsu balls and also the change of pace.

Thankfully since the Instashiatsu+ is cordless you don’t have to deal with the messy wires and a full charge will leave you with 2-hours of operational time which are pretty generous. The caveat, however, comes in the form of a cooldown session, yes the massager forceful cools down after 20-minutes session. Also, the contraption looks like ugly and equally ridiculous and thanks to the orange light that it emits the effect is only much more pronounced. It is good to see a well-priced massager that is portable and for a change works as intended.

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