Smartwatch market hasn’t received the exponential growth; Google may have expected while launching Android Wear platform couple of years back; but that doesn’t make them shy away from investing heavily in this segment. In an interview with The Verge, Jeff Chang, Product Manager of Android Wear at Google confirmed that the company is indeed planning to launch two new Android Wear flagship smartwatches in the first quarter of 2017.


Chang revealed that these smartwatches wouldn’t be manufactured directly by Google. Instead, they are tying up with a reputed electronics firm to develop both the Android Wear powered smartwatches. This effectively means that Google will be merely providing the software while leaving the hardware expertise with the manufacturer. This is unlike what Google did with their Pixel smartphones this year. It would rather be justified to state that Google has opted for the Nexus path to market their brand new watches. Though, Chang refused to reveal the name of the manufacturer, he claimed that the firm developing the upcoming Android Wear flagship smartwatches isn’t a newbie in the smartwatch category.

As expected, the new Android Wear smartwatches will bear the branding of the manufacturer and not Google, similar to the one seen on Nexus devices. With that said, it’s worth noting that these two new Android Wear smartwatches will function as the hardware on which Google aims to showcase their Android Wear 2.0 software. It will come with support for Android Pay and Google Assistant. Besides, it’s reported that once these two smartwatches go official, Android Wear 2.0 update will be rolled out to all supported devices. Google has in fact revealed that the final Developer Preview of the same is scheduled to launch in January 2017.

Rumors regarding the upcoming Android Wear smartwatches date back to as early as July this year. However, nothing conclusive had cropped up till now. With that said, Google will have its task cut out as its embark in yet another attempt to convince consumers that wearables, especially smartwatches are still in demand.

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