Google has been trailing the travel industry for quite some time now and as you might expect from a search engine, they’ve indeed come a long way when compared to other platforms which are in existence for years. Recently, I went on a week’s vacation and decided to give these services a shot instead of the usual ones I prefer such as Tripadvisor. And as days passed, I was astonished by how accurate and precise Google’s information was. Hence, here I discuss five such services by Google for helping with your next vacation.

1. Flights


Of course, you’re gonna start off with booking tickets and Google Flights is the perfect destination for checking prices and keeping an automated tab on them. Flights recently received a slew of critical updates which allowed users to enable email notifications for particular flights’ prices. Additionally, there’s also a new bar which will display tips such as if you modify the dates by a day, you can save “X amount” or book alternate airports in the city to get a discount. Furthermore, you can get rough estimates for itineraries, hotel deals, and a whole lot more.

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2. Inbox


Once those tickets and rooms are locked in, you’ll be swamped with a ton of confirmation emails. For handling these, I would recommend switching to Google Inbox (at least temporarily) as it automatically groups these messages and creates trip cards which are extremely useful when you want to take a quick glance over the itinerary. It even formats and fabricates respective entries based on the duration, address, phone number, confirmation number and more.

3. Trips


Shortly after introducing a dedicated mobile interface for exploring destinations, Google launched a free companion app called “Trips”. The Android and the iOS application attempts to ease the process of trip planning by acting as an intelligent travel guide and organizing everything from plane tickets to reservations under a single roof. Trips can fetch booking information from your email accounts, offer comprehensive guides to over 200 cities right now and can recommend personalized itineraries based on your search history and journey timeline. It also lets you make custom itineraries, and best of all, you can save everything offline, something which none of the other alternatives offer at the moment. It is truly an ultimate vacation assistant. Although, there’s one feature I hope Google adds in a future update which is sharing with other users.

4. Photos

Google Photos is still unprecedented and the most comprehensive photo management app you can use on any major operating system. Its machine learning abilities are yet to be beaten and coupled with some neat sharing features over the period, it provides an unsurpassed experience for exchanging media with your companions. Additionally, it’s one of the best ways to offload some pictures and videos for conserving local storage on your smartphone.

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5. Google Maps Timeline


Google Maps has a neat tool for tracking your movements and the activities associated with those places. This might sound as a breach of personal security, but it’s definitely a great way to log your trip and once done, you can disable it. It’s essentially, a collective feed of the locations you visited, photos you took there and the duration.

So, those were some of the Google services you can utilize for organizing your next trip. Do let us know in the comments section if we missed any good one.

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