While the home entertainment segment has seen a paradigm shift in its approach and adaptation nothing much has changed when it comes to Multimedia controllers. Well, we do have smart remotes from startups like SevenHugs but again the adoption rate is too meager, at least as of now. Lenovo has launched a new multimedia controller that attempts to bring together the handful of multimedia devices that reside in your house.


The increase in smart Tv and Internet-based media consumption has given rise to a slew of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO Now along with different viewing devices that are compatible with the above-said services. Plus we also have a handful of wireless media streaming devices like the home theater which need to be controlled. In essence, Lenovo’s 500 Multimedia Controller is a wireless keyboard that bakes in a mouse and yet will fit into one’s palm. The controller is compatible with most of your entertainment devices and will connect to PC’s, Smart TV’s and also the Tv Box.


The Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller also come with a trackpad that can be used to navigate around the UI and anyone from the family can punch in passwords and quick messages without much of a hassle. Owing to its size I presume that it might not be very comfortable for full-fledged typing but this is something that will help a great deal in using Smart TV’s, TV boxes and also toggle controls for an audio device. Lenovo claims that the Multimedia Controller is optimized for Windows 10 and the battery will last for a staggering 8-months on a single charge and the device weighs in at 141 gms.

Apart from the usual touch and type the keyboard will also support gestures, swipes, thanks to the multi-touch capacitive touchpad. The ergonomics part of the keypad has been well attended to and according to Lenovo, the thumbs can reach out to all the buttons. The Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller starts at $54.99 and will be available starting from March 2017.

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