With the increasing number of home appliances found in average homes, the money that’s being spent on filling electricity bills is increasing by manifold. Sadly, there’s no proper device that helps us actively track our daily electric consumption, apart from that damn old meter fitted by our respective electricity boards. But wait, Ecoisme is here and by far it seems to be the device most were looking for. This is a small portable gadget that can plug onto your main electricity line. This would, in turn, enable it to help your track your electric consumption on the go. Well, that’s not all though as Ecoisme 2.0 brings more to the table.


Ecoisme is developed by a team of engineers led by Ivan Pasichnyk, who apparently is the CEO of the startup. Before going up for pre-orders on Product Hunt, the Ecoisme 2.0 smart energy monitor was showcased at the CES last year. Apart from that, it won accolades from a number of electricity bodies including EDF, which is, in fact, the world’s largest electricity producer. And if that not enough, it’s worth noting that the startup has signed a partnership with Dubai Water and Electricity Authority to monitor domestic solar production and electricity consumption of households in the city.


Priced at $300 (Rs 20,476 approx.) the Ecoisme 2.0 is a monitoring system that makes use of a software to notify you in real time about your consumption details. All you need to do is to connect the Ecoisme 2.0 monitor onto your main electricity panel and its set to go. It’s worth noting that connecting the device is rather simple and doesn’t need cutting of any wires. Besides, it can work both with 220V and 110V supply lines. Ecoisme claims that their energy tracking monitor can help you save up to 15% on your electricity bills.


Under the hood, Ecoisme is basically a sensor that when connected with the main line helps detect and measure electrical devices by using machine learning algorithms. It analyses user behaviours and measures active/reactive power. Thereafter all the data it records is transmitted to your smartphone via WiFi using the Ecoisme app. So just in case you end up keeping your AC switched on just before leaving your home, the app will deliver you a notification about the same onto your smartphone. In a similar fashion the app intimates you whenever it finds an appliance is switched on for a period that’s longer than its usual routine. The Ecoisme app also allows you to calculate your monthly electricity bills based on your consumption and local tariff rate. Apart from that it helps tally your live consumption with any of your other relatives who is using a Ecoisme 2.0 monitor in their home. In an interesting addition, the smart energy monitor can also predict when an appliance is likely to fail. It does so by analyzing your monthly electricity bills and using its machine learning-based artificial intelligence.


Ecoisme 2.0 is currently available for pre-orders via Product Hunt at a promotional price of $200 (Rs 13,651 approx.) It’s, however, worth noting that the offer may end anytime soon and once it does the startup will be charging $300 for each product. Ecoimse-1-e1483948468290With that said, a smart energy monitor like Ecoisme 2.0 would have worked best with IoT devices around. In such a scenario the app could have functioned as a mastermind by switching on and off all other appliances in your home, whenever you need them. Nonetheless, even in a current day scenario with standard appliances around, Ecoisme 2.0 is indeed a device that deserves to be a part of your upcoming gadget buying list.

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