Most of us have been opting for professional DSLR camera in order to help them capture the perfect picture and add a shade of advanced options. The downside though is that DSLR/Mirrorless cameras are usually bulky and one needs to go through a ton of settings and manual fiddling before they arrive at the best setting for a particular shot. The folks behind Relonch claim that most of the DSLR buyers will hang their shoes and stop using the camera until and unless it is an occasion deemed special. In essence, the camera is not with the user to capture the life as it happens and this is where Relonch comes into the picture.


“Bring us your DSLR or Mirrorless camera (you know, the one sitting on a shelf and gathering dust) and hang it on one of our hooks.” This is Relonch’s description and well they seem to have an impressive photo as a service model on the offering. Here is how it works, exchange your old DSLR camera for a credit equivalent calculated based on the current value for your camera and then once you have decided to exchange the value will be converted to credits.


Relonch will promptly swap your current camera for one of their own, the Model 291, a basic looking camera sans display wrapped in leather. Yes, the Model 291 looks more or less like a toy (in exuberant colors) but Relonch promises that it’s compact and efficient as well with its APS-C Sensor, 45mm Prime lens and no settings at all. Moving on, every morning you will receive the photographs taken in the recent past and you need to decide which one you are ready to pay for. Relonch charges you $1 for a full-resolution photo which can be chosen manually. The camera uploads photos to the cloud by using in the built-in LTE. The photos offered by Relonch (iCloud shared folder/app) will apparently receive a touch up from the backend photo development technology that will automatically apply the best settings for each photo by taking into stock the lighting conditions.

Relonch is a near perfect solution for those who want someone else to manage their photographs and this type of service is something that will help them circumvent the entire process associated with professional photography and post processing. That said it is yet to be seen how the Relonch Model 291 performs in diversified photography scenarios and if it will be able to maintain the consistency when it comes to the quality. Also, the lack of a screen on a device is an instant deal breaker, at least for me personally and this sets me wondering if there’s any way one could instantly preview the pictures. As of now one can simply drop into a Relonch studio in Palo Alto, San Francisco and check out the camera for themselves.

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